By the Rev. Rod and Susan Sprange

Once again St. Peter’s and friends have overwhelmed us with your generosity in providing baby clothes for the new-borns in San Pancho Mexico.

As we were unable to travel to Mexico this winter we recruited our good friends Ron Boyd and Marilyn Meakin to transport the heavy suitcases to Mexico and then arrange transportation from their friend Bertha to San Pancho, an hour and half outside of Puerto Vallarta.

Here are some photos and a few excerpts from Ron’s email describing their visit to the hospital where Anna-Louisa (head paediatric nurse) gratefully received the clothes. And some comments from Michel, the volunteer who coordinates the clothing project.

Ana Luisa, Ron, and Marylin

“We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 this morning and immediately met with Ana Luisa who was completely overwhelmed as we removed the various treasures from the suitcases. She was so very, very happy. She mentioned that the hospital generally has between six and ten births a day so it is an incredibly busy place. Later Michel arrived. She as well was so pleased with the gifts you and your fellow church members had accumulated for them. As they both said “they could feel the love”. Ana Luisa showed us little packages that are prepared, which included a baby outfit, a diaper and perhaps soap, that are handed out to new mothers.

Ana Luisa with new baby packages

I noticed blankets, knitted outfits etc did not seem to be included and wondered if they were really needed. They assured us they were, it was just that they did not have any to hand out. That deficiency was now looked after with your gifts, even if it only might be for a short period of time.

Michel indicated she would be posting a story about your generosity on Facebook to acknowledge the goodness of what you folks have done and as a side benefit it might encourage others to take up the gauntlet.

Marilyn and I would like to thank you for giving us the privilege of representing you and the folks of St Peter’s in such a worthy undertaking.”

Bertha, Michel, Marylin, and Ana Luisa

Michel also wrote saying “Thank you dear Three for bringing the beautiful baby clothes from so far. All those dear hearts who crotched and knitted and sewed and shopped... and then you Three. How can I convey the depth of our feelings of gratitude from Hospital San Pancho. Winnipeg is the heart center in Canada, this is clear.  The wee ones received the first beautiful gifts today as we service 1,400 babies. 
Abrazos, Michel,  Hospital San Pancho 

Thank you all, once again, for your overwhelming support of this project. It has been a joy for us to see the enthusiasm and love with which you have made and purchased so many beautiful items for the babies. You have let the people of San Pancho know that they are loved and valued by this Christian community.