Mary Holmen and Mary DeGrow have just finished a trip to Greece. While there, they were part of a tour that took them to sites associated with the ministry of St. Paul. They sent us pictures from a few of the sites. 




The theatre where Paul attempted to preach to the Ephesians but was drowned out by the devotees of Artemis (Diana) in Acts 19


Marys house

Tradition says the Beloved Disciple brought Mary, whom Jesus has given into his care, to Ephesus before he was exiled to the island of Patmos. Mary lived to a great age. The excavations at the house were carbon dated to the first century.



IMG 1464

Ancient baptistry in the ruins of Philippi. You can see the remnants of a fresco on the wall.


IMG 1474

Place where Paul, Silvanus and Timothy are believed to have been imprisoned at Philippi.



IMG 1487 2 

This is the shrine on the river outside Philippi where Paul met with Lydia. I love the silhouette - a woman’s figure, a cross, an ankh...


IMG 1499

Shrine commemorating Paul’s vision of the Macedonian asking him to come and help them. Kavala is where Paul first set foot on European soil - our roots as Western Christians!