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Help us fill the tree

A "Gift Tree" is once again gracing the Narthex at St. Peter's. We are invited to bring in new or gently used gifts for children and adults to help stock the Christmas Store at St. Matthew's Maryland Community Ministry. Caregivers are given the opportunity to choose gifts for their children and to have them wrapped by a team of volunteers. Likewise, children get the chance to pick out a gift for their caregiver. Caregivers pay a low-cost to access the store and kids shop free. The small cost fosters dignity and justice, - caregivers feel pride about paying for their children’s gifts, rather than just receiving a hand-out. Consider toys, books and games for children; fancy soaps and lotions, travel mugs, jewellery, and decorations for adults. Warm clothes and knitted goods are welcome, as are gift wrapping supplies. Volunteers are welcome when the gift store opens. Gifts will be accepted until Sunday, December 8. Read more about the Christmas Store.

List of suggested gifts

Donations can be placed under (or on) the St. Peter's tree on Sunday mornings or during weekday office hours.