The purpose of the Casserole Ministry is to have nutritious food on hand to distribute to people in need. This need may be due to personal or family crisis such as illness, injury or a death in the family. It is a tangible way for the community to support members going through difficult times.

 Anyone wishing to contribute to this ministry can pick up containers (by the freezer in the Supply Room) and take them home to fill.  Casseroles can be brought to St. Peter's at any time where they will be stored in the freezer until needed. Please do not stack freshly made items in the freezer...lay them out singly to let them freeze before stacking so as not to ruin the container below. Meals should be nutritious and easily reheated in a conventional oven.

On the lid please write:

  • what the casserole is (e.g.: stew, macaroni and cheese)
  • ALL of the ingredients (to avoid allergic reactions)
  • how to reheat the meal and any other special instructions
  • date the casserole was made