"Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing."

- Psalm 100:1

Worship at St. Peter's involves much music – from the opening note of the prelude, to the sounding bowl calling us to centre ourselves for worship,  to the enthusiastic hymn singing.


Music Ministry Guiding Principles

Music – as praise - is an essential part of, and critical to, the atmosphere of worship. It (1) reinforces a Scriptural focus, (2) connects us to God in meaningful and various ways, and (3) becomes an expression of God’s steadfast love.

With this in mind, the Anglican Parish of St. Peter is committed to developing its music ministry guided by the following principles:

  • Music and the presentation of music will work to develop congregational singing and participation.
  • Music will enhance the sense of the holy in worship.
  • Music will reflect the themes of the lectionary, the seasons of the year,
    and specific celebrations within those seasons.
  • Music will support the mission of the church by bringing the outside
    concerns of the world into worship.
  • Music resources will be expanded to include a variety of instruments and styles to facilitate a blended, musical experience.