If you are part of the St. Peter's community, we invite you to support our church in which ever ways you feel called to minister.

Sunday Morning Ministries:

  • Sidespeople
  • Hosts and Greeters
  • Altar Guild
  • Music
  • Officiants (assisting our clergy in the role of presiding)
  • Reading and Proclaiming Scripture
  • Intercessor (preparing and leading the prayers of the people)
  • Administering Communion
  • Anointing and Healing Prayers During Communion
  • Sounding Bowl
  • Children/youth Christian formation
  • Coffee Hour Hospitality


Ministries Beyond Sunday Morning:


Ministries and Leadership are not limited to those areas listed here. St. Peter's welcomes and embraces the talents of those who are called and willing to share their God-given gifts.  Often this creates opportunities for new ministries to flourish.


For more information please contact the church office at 204-488-8093.