Life-long Christian education is an important part of spiritual formation and growth in discipleship. Through thoughtful engagement and discussion, it helps equip us to think theologically about the often complex issues of daily life. It is essential to all areas of our life together in Christ.

Learning happens in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. At St. Peter's you may find yourself attending a workshop to find out more about a ministry that interests you, making a set of Anglican prayer beads and learning how to use them, or watching and discussing a movie over a shared meal. All of these can help deepen faith practices and teach us to engage with our neighbours in new ways.

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Adult Christian education events that continue from year to year at St. Peter's include:

In addition, the parish has made a commitment to Indigenous studies. 

From September to May, you can check out the Home page or the Events page for current adult Christian education offering. For more information contact the church office at 204-488-8093.