Discover, Develop, Deploy


Discipleship defines the very essence of who we are.  A disciple (from the Greek word for ‘pupil or apprentice’) is someone who is committed to the task of life-long learning. Beginning with our baptism, our lives as disciples are devoted to learning - to growing in our faith in Jesus Christ. Sustained by the Holy Spirit we are called to a lifetime of discovery, development, and deployment as we deepen our relationship with God through Jesus.

We discover new disciples:

  • as we witness to God’s love in a broken world
  • as we attract and welcome new parishioners.
  • as we welcome new members through baptism and confirmation.
  • as we discover a new or renewed sense of discipleship within ourselves.

We develop as disciples:

  • through regular worship and sharing in the Eucharist
  • through regular disciplines of prayer and reading Scripture
  • through regular disciplines of stewardship
  • through study together, of the Bible and our faith.
  • through holding one another accountable for our conduct as disciples of Jesus Christ

We are deployed as disciples:

  • as we witness to God’s love in our daily lives, in our work, our family life, our recreation
  • through ministry in and to the wider community
  • through caring for creation
  • through caring for the needs of one another and our neighbours

Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

― Baptismal Liturgy, Book of Alternative Services