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Grow Hope partner, local farmer, Fred Wiebe and his sons are dedicating 40 acres of their soybean crop this year with all the proceeds going to Grow Hope


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Nyaragusu, Tanzania, is a refugee camp of some 150,000 individuals. The Vegetable Production and Forestation Project will work with 810 of the most vulnerable households, people who have fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo. These households will be given seeds and training to grow drought-tolerant vegetables year-round. The vegetables will improve nutritional diversity in their diets as well as provide opportunity to earn income through the sale of surplus production. The program allows for seeds grown and saved to be shared with other refugee households in Nyaragusu. In addition, other refugees will be trained to manage five seedling nursery production centres to produce various fruit and multi-purpose tree species. Some of the trees will improve their environment while others will provide access to firewood.


Our urban community, that’s you and me, is partnering with local farmer Fred Wiebe and his sons by covering the input costs of the 40 acres they are dedicating – seed, fertilizer, fuel, etc., at approximately $300/acre. That’s $12,000!! The Wiebes will tend the crop all summer and at harvest time, they will sell the soybeans and donate all the proceeds into the account of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) at Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB). That could be $30,000 or more!! Through another partnership – PWRDF and Church World Service (CWS), the funds will directly support the refugees in Nyaragusu, Tanzania. Through Global Affairs Canada, the funds can be multiplied even further, approximately 3:1. Church World Service implements and oversees the project on the ground in Nyaragusu.

Come, be a local partner by making a donation!  Your gift will be multiplied several times over, all to improve the lives of folks living a world away.  Help grow local to feed global.